The KRONOS RISING Novel Series, by Amazon bestselling horror author Max Hawthorne

Kronos Rising Book Trailer

Kronos Rising by Max Hawthorne

The official book trailer of KRONOS RISING, book one in Max Hawthorne's heart-pounding new marine terror series. History's deadliest predator wreaks havoc on a quiet coastal community.

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KRONOS RISING: KRAKEN (VOL. 2) by Max Hawthorne June 22, 2018


Unaware of the brutal battle that has just taken place between Ursula, the giant Megalodon shark, and the macropliosaur designated Typhon, Dr. Derek “Dirk” Braddock seizes upon his mentor Eric Grayson’s absence and launches a dual-pronged mission into Earth’s bloodstained seas.

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KRONOS RISING: PLAGUE by Max Hawthorne  November 24, 2016


Three weeks have passed since the monstrous Kronosaurus imperator’s attack on Harcourt Marina stunned the world. The death toll was horrific, but Paradise Cove’s traumatized survivors soon discover they have more to worry about than just burying their dead and rebuilding their shattered lives.

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KRONOS RISING: DIABLO by Max Hawthorne July 21, 2016


Barreling along a hundred feet beneath the surface, the giant predator gained swiftly on its prey. Fifty yards ahead, a school of chrome-colored fish fled terror-stricken before it.

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KRONOS RISING: KRAKEN (VOL. 1) by Max Hawthorne April 24, 2016

30 years have passed since the destruction of Paradise Cove. Since then, pliosaurs the size of whales have wreaked havoc on the world’s oceans. Despite suffering tragic losses, Garm Braddock and his brother Dirk wage a bloody war of attrition against the voracious marine reptiles: Garm from the helm of the anti-biologic submarine Gryphon and his brother from the top-secret military research facility known as TARTARUS.

In spite of ongoing attempts to destroy them, the prehistoric predators that rose from the ashes of Diablo Caldera continue to multiply. They are bringers of death, and via more than just their deadly jaws. Their blood contains a primeval pathogen so virulent that, left unchecked, could spell the end of mammalian life.

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by Max Hawthorne
April 24, 2014

Devastated by his wife’s tragic drowning, Olympic hopeful Jake Braddock turns his back on fame and fortune and retreats to his childhood home of Paradise Cove, Florida. He accepts the job of town sheriff, hoping to find the peace he so desperately craves.

He finds anything but.

A series of horrifying deaths and disappearances sends a flood of panic through the idyllic town. It is only after the ravaged carcass of a full-grown whale surfaces, however, that the real terror begins.

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A word to the wise: if you bite your nails, you'd better wear oven mitts when reading Kronos Rising. It will drag you down to the depths of fear and take you back for a breath of air as fast as you can turn the pages. Readers beware: a new master of marine terror is in your bookstore, and his name is Max Hawthorne! - Stan Pottinger, NY Times Bestselling author Until today, the deepest, darkest depths of the ocean remained an impossible mystery. But no more – a violent earthquake has finally unleashed a wonderfully horrific secret waiting to eat you alive. From the opening scene of black market shark hunters invading forbidden waters, Kronos Rising sweeps you onto a surprising, wildly inventive, thrill ride. A fabulous debut by Max Hawthorne. Simply put, it’s got teeth. Big ones! - Chris Parker, screenwriter (Vampire in Brooklyn, Mulan II, Battle of the Year, Heaven is for Real)
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Reader’s Feedback

SNAPS MEG IN TWO! I adore this book, plain and simple. I can’t describe the feelings I have toward it. Mainly because I feel an unknown emotion that not even I can understand. When I finished the book I felt that an adventure had just ended. It made me crave for more. This behemoth of a book is such a fast read and I highly anticipate Max Hawthorne’s new upcoming book, Kraken. I cannot recommend this story enough. - Brian Gatto Jurassic Park meets Jaws meets Moby Dick. That is what I think of this intriguing story by Max Hawthorne. It is a near-perfect blend of action, horror, suspense, and drama that made the similar works of Peter Benchley (Jaws) and Steve Alten (Meg, The Loch) so appealing. - Aki Hubbard
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Max Hawthorne grew up in Philadelphia, where he graduated with a BA from Central High School and a BFA from the University of the Arts. He is the author of MEMOIRS OF A GYM RAT, an outrageous exposé of the health club industry, as well as the award-winning KRONOS RISING novel series.

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