THERMAL THURSDAY #1 (original release date April 4, 2024)

I’ve got so many paranormal/supernatural thermal images these days, I’ve decided to share some weekly. This one was taken at a private residence where I and one of our cats were hanging. He was meowing loudly at a nearby wall, and when I looked through the thermal I noticed some activity. Once adjusted for contrast and brightness, the image of what, at first glance, is a perfectly smooth, sliding door, shows what appears to be a cluster of possible faces. There is texturing, seeming eyes and brow ridges, mouths, and more. I showed it to a UFOlogist and was told one section on the lower right corner even shows what appears to be an insectoid of some kind (a mantis?), and IMHO there is definitely a pair of spooky eyes visible above it in one or two versions.
I put a few indicators where I felt eyes appear likely, but what do you think? What do YOU see in these images? The cat was certainly annoyed by whatever he was looking at… (PS if you see nothing or think it’s just pareidolia, feel free to say, just keep it civil, please).
Last. but certainly not least, if you haven’t subscribed to my video site, head on over to The first documentary is already up and features 30 seconds of footage of a cloaked extraterrestrial. REAL footage, not any of the usual black blobs or hoaxes.
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