Max Hawthorne, award-winning author of the Kronos Rising book series, sits down with host Julie Rench to discuss the possibility of a recent video of an injured Killer Whale being the victim of an attack by what we believe to be extinct Mosasaur. On November 30th, the Facebook page known as Carcharodon Carcharias released a video of a pair of Killer whales swimming with the female having unsual bite marks across her flesh. Max elaborates on what he feels would not be the cause of the markings and offers a controversial possible conclusion based on deduction, that this unfortunate whale was the victim of a living Mosasaur. What is he basing this conclusion on and how did he eliminate other possible causes?  Tune in to find out on this episode of Monster X Radio!

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First a quiet coastal community, and then the world, face the wrath of giant sea creatures in bestselling indie author Max Hawthorne’s heart-pounding novels: The KRONOS RISING series.

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