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Killer Whale Survives an Attack from a Living Mosasaur?

Killer Whale Survives an Attack from a Living Mosasaur?

On November 30th, the Facebook page known as Carcharodon Carcharias released a video* of a pair of killer whales swimming through a sea of detritus. The female… Read more »

"Leviathan" meets "Megatooth Rising" - image credits Bob Nicholls.

Pliosaur versus Megalodon – what might happen?

     The fight was not over.      Despite the severity of their wounds, the Ancient and Ursula continued to tear at one another – arch-enemies who would… Read more »

Fossilized teeth of Cretolamna measuring .75 inches. Compare to a pristine 3.5” Otodus tooth. Note the similarity to the smaller Cretolamna teeth. Left image credit: By Hectonichus - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Right image credit: Max Hawthorne. From the author’s private collection.


Otodus obliquus was a large, macropredatory mackerel shark that lived from the Paleocene to the Miocene Epoch, approximately 40-60 mya. Although nowhere near as well-known as its… Read more »