Sasquatch – the Eyes Have It . . . by Max Hawthorne

Although it’s far from my normal area, I periodically touch on creatures of a cryptozoological nature (i.e. “Trunko”). I saw a YouTube video recently, featuring Sasquatch hunter M.K. Davis discussing frame 362 of the famous Patterson-Gimlin Sasquatch footage. By increasing the amount of exposure, Mr. Davis was able to lighten the footage and zoom in. This allowed him to “see” into the darkened brow region of the purported female Sasquatch and, lo and behold, he was able to show us the creature’s right eye (left side of the creature as seen facing the camera. This was around the 5:10 mark. You can see the entire video here:

What I noticed – and what may or may not have been pointed out since then – was the fact that, if you look closely, you can actually see BOTH of the creature’s eyes, left and right. I took a screen shot at the 6:45 mark and then copied it after having circled both eyes individually. I’m sure, once you see them circled and revisit the shot, you’ll notice them right away. It’s actually a bit unnerving.

Sasquatch, lightened closeup
A lightened still (frame 362) from the Patterson/Gimlin Sasquatch footage





Sasquatch eyes
Frame 362 of Patterson film, lightened, eyes circled.



Having seen the “Pattie” footage before, the sheer musculature of the creature, and the way said muscles flex under its fur as it moves (especially from the back as it flees) was all I needed to convince me of its authenticity. However, seeing both of the animal’s (or perhaps “hominid’s” would be a better word) eyes – and you can see its eyes are both looking right at the camera – lends even more credence to the validity of the footage.

Why? The answer is simple. If it was some “man in a super-advanced monkey suit that traveled back in time” the space between his eyes would have to be of human proportions. The distance between our eyes is roughly one eye width. The creature in the footage, however, has very wide-spaced eyes, with at least 1 ½ or possibly even 2 eye widths between its orbits. This makes it physically impossible for it to be a person.

My conclusion is that “Pattie” was a real creature. A living, breathing Bigfoot. Probably elderly, hence her gait and being caught out in the open in the first place, but nonetheless, 100% real.

At least, that’s the way I (make the EYE) see it.




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