2016’s Kraken – Volume 1 provided maritime horror novel Kronos Rising with a worthy sequel which really upped the ante in terms of both scale and sheer balls to the wall action. In Volume 2, author Max Hawthorne attempts to bring us more monsters and even bigger set pieces than before. Can he dial things up to eleven without shattering the suspension of disbelief?

Set in the immediate aftermath of Volume 1, Kronos Rising: Kraken – Volume 2 catches up with captain Garm Braddock and his crew on the trail of a pair of gigantic octopuses which made their presence known in a big way when they arrived on the scene and started annihilating everything in sight. While Garm’s goal is a ‘seek and destroy’ one, his prey may well prove to be far more cunning and deadly than even he dared to imagine. Meanwhile, Natalya Dragunova leads a daring covert mission to a lost land inhabited by strange and hostile creatures, unlike anything we’ve encountered in the Kronos Rising series before.

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