Max Hawthorne has done it again! I’ve been eagerly awaiting this book, and it was well worth the wait! I highly recommend “Kronos Rising” and Kronos Rising: Kraken” to any science fiction, horror, adventure, and/or paleo-fiction fan. If you enjoyed “Jaws” and “Jurassic Park”, you MUST read this series. It is, in my opinion, easily the best science fiction/adventure series of its genre that I’ve ever read! Now I’m anxiously awaiting the next book!

Willis S Beyer

“Let me start by saying that one of my dream jobs when I was a kid was to be a marine biologist, but there’s just *one* little problem. I have this fear of the water. Well, not the water, really, but what lives inside it. You see, I saw Jaws when I was young, and I live on the Gulf Of Mexico where part of it was filmed…heck I actually work with a lady who was an extra in one of the sequels, so you can see how all of that conspired to keep my feet firmly on dry land. But I never lost my fascination with the sea, and authors like Benchley, Alten, and now Max Hawthorne thrill me like no others.

In his Kronos Rising series, Max has raised the bar. No longer are orcas and sharks the scariest critters in the world’s oceans. An underwater earthquake has unleashed a magnificently terrifying beast from the earth’s far distant past, and it is adapting to its new surroundings like a champ. There’s a new (ancient) top predator species and they have found that humans are crunchy and taste good, with or without ketchup.”

-Deanna Smith

This book really kept me at the edge of my seat the whole time!! Just when you thought it was over…..
Much different from Kronos (by Jeremy Robinson). This one was more of a “Monster” story.

-Monty Burnham

I just finished Kronos Rising Kraken and I’m dying for part 2. The opening scene where you introduced the 80-foot Megalodon Ursula was incredible:

      “Relishing the cold water rushing through her gills, the monstrous female continued on, secure in her power. Her species had worn many guises over the millennia. To the ancient Fijians, who trembled at the
sight of their gigantic dorsal fins, they were Dakuwaqa. Among pre-colonization Hawaiians, who worshiped them as gods, they were known as Kauhuhu. And, most recently, to infuriated Norwegian whalers, whose kills she repeatedly purloined, she was Tyvaktige Tispe – “thieving bitch.”
      But to the rest of the world, she was something more. She was a terrifying force of nature, one that had been vilified in book, film and fable for the last fifty years. She was also a notorious whale-eater, and to many, a mythical devourer of men. More than anything else, she was the largest carnivorous fish in the history of the world.
      She was Megalodon.

Gave me chills. I can’t wait to see your version of Megalodon fight a pliosaur. With so many monster shark books out there it was a breath of fresh (or maybe salt) water to see a new take on my favorite fish. Thank you!

David Enfield

Throughout KRONOS RISING, I found myself holding my breath without even realizing it- until the scene was over, and then taking a deep cleansing breath!! I enjoyed every word, character description, the reality of the “monster”, the conflict of good vs evil… the length of the book allowed the author and the reader to savor the chapters, and not miss one important detail. The reader never feels cheated, and is given such rich descriptions through the characters experiences!!
I love ocean thrillers (I was attacked by a shark at the age of 14), and I this is among the absolute very best I have read. And now I am on to the sequel!!

PS…KRONOS RISING was a thrill ride and would make the most AMAZING movie!!


“Max…I’m in love with this book and all the characters! ! The Kronosaurus was my favorite as a child and you
brought it to life in an amazing way!! Thanks so much! ! Wesley k Miller”
– Wesley Miller

“Max, Great read! Great story. I thoroughly enjoyed every page. I hope there are efforts for a movie version based on your book. I’ve always enjoyed underwater/sci-fi terrors. Great job! I hope you have more creativity in the works. Sincerely, Doug”
– Doug

“SNAPS MEG IN TWO! I adore this book, plain and simple. I can’t describe the feelings I have toward it. Mainly because I feel an unknown emotion that not even I can understand. When I finished the book I felt that an adventure had just ended. It made me crave for more. This behemoth of a book is such a fast read and I highly anticipate Max Hawthorne’s new upcoming book, Kraken. I cannot recommend this story enough.”
– Brian Gatto

“I am not even going to attempt to write a colorful clever review for ‘Kronos Rising’, so I will get to the point! For the first time in a long time (since ‘Meg’ by Steve Alten) I have found a completely original story that kept my interest. A great summertime read.”
– PJ Walther


“Jurassic Park meets Jaws meets Moby Dick. That is what I think of this intriguing story by Max Hawthorne. It is a near-perfect blend of action, horror, suspense, and drama that made the similar works of Peter Benchley (Jaws) and Steve Alten (Meg, Loch) so appealing.”
– Aki Hubbard


“I Truly Enjoyed this Book from start to the Last Page ! It felt more like I was at the Movies watching a story that Blew Jaws out of the Water ! The Story was very strong & Riveting and the cast of the book was superb. a MOST EXCELLENT READ ! I hope this becomes a series of books {a Movie} and I am waiting for the next adventure from Mr.Hawthorne !!! If you should happen to get this book, you WILL NOT be Disappointed !!!”
– George Strahl


“This book is amazing. It has an edge of your seat suspense, and always keeps you coming back for more. It is very cool how the creature is not a mindless killing machine, but you begin to understand him and he really grows on you. I would take this over Steve Alten’s books any day. I would highly recommend this book to everyone it is a must read. A movie of this would certainly be great. I can’t wait for the next installment in the series, and thanks for renewing my childhood fantasies of dinosaurs.”
– Matthew Riley


“I very much enjoyed Kronos Rising. When will the next novel be coming out?”
– Ron


“Read the book and it a rising book that screams Jaws and Jurassic Park! The first page gets you hooked and leave you wanting more. Great book that belongs on the same list as Steve Alten and Michael Crichton are. An instant classic!”
– Eric Irizarry


“Phenomenal book. Grabbed me right from the get go. Once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down. Tempted to read it a second time right away. Can’t wait for more”
– Jason Krajewski


“I have been eagerly waiting for this book to be released. I am not disappointed. A very well-written book, it has everything. Characters you will like, some you will hate, even the Kronos has depth. All in all, a very satisfying story. And long. I can’t begin to tell you how frustrating it can be to settle in with a book, and have it end almost before it starts! All in all, definitely a keeper!”
– Katie Zimmie Willison


“This book featured the quintessential, unstoppable monster. However, what proved to be the real bite, the addictive can’t-put-it-down/what-happens-next quality of the work was the development/unfolding of the characters. These individuals were more than just fabrications of the author’s fertile imagination, they were people. Real people whom you came to know, understand, and care about. In fact, if I didn’t know better, I’d think this book was a chronicle of actual events!”
– Allen


“As much as I love Jaws, Kronos Rising is the successor! This book has everything Jaws had and more, with a much bigger monster! Max Hawthorne gets the beast right, his characters and action are well written and fleshed out. I recommend this book immensely for anyone who likes a big beastie attacks small town kind of story. I really hope he writes another one, but this book stands perfectly fine without any sequel. Give Kronos Rising a shot!”


“I have been eagerly waiting for this book to be released. I am not disappointed. A very well-written book, it has everything. Characters you will like, some you will hate, even the Kronos has depth. All in all, a very satisfying story. And long. I can’t begin to tell you how frustrating it can be to settle in with a book, and have it end almost before it starts! All in all, definitely a keeper!”
– Katie Zimmie Willison


“From what little I’ve read, I’m excited to read the whole book from cover to cover, & I may not be able to put it down until I’ve read the whole thing. This creature is the only 1 that gave megs pause. So there is something to fear from their rising.” 
– Larry Kelbaugh Jr


“Astounding and very well written. As the words leaped from the preview, I was instantly hooked like the Sharks that fell victim to the Fishermen. My adrenaline spiked when the creature pulled down on the crane, and I cried when the first mate was killed. Truly remarkable, Max Hawthorne may be the Peter Benchley of the twenty-first century.”
– Alex Groggett


“I am very interested in how the development of the creature and the main character merge together. It has grabbed my attention already and I can’t wait to read the rest! This is going to be a big seller!”
– Barry Dickinson


“The first 28 pages of Kronos Rising only made me want more! The crew of the Oshima and their terrible mission and the accident on the deck set up a good stage for some monster fun, should they get their comeuppance, of course. I definitely want to read the rest now!”
– Dustin Dreyling


“Love it !!!! Exciting and it will keep you on the edge of your seat. I can’t wait until the book comes out. I did not want to stop reading and when Chapter 2 ended I was looking for more.”
– Barbara Treece


“I found the sample chapters of this novel to be rather interesting. The way it opened with the Japanese fishing vessel and progressed to the main character was smooth. Also, when the captain ordered the body of his first mate to be retrieved I’m hoping it is foreshadowing that will lead to a key clue or piece to solving what it is they will be fighting or how to survive. It’s a nice story so far I hope it’s as great as I expect it to be.”
– Armando


“I would read the rest but I don’t want to pee in my pants.. Scary stuff!!”
– Antonio Chienster


“Well, so far, it strikes me as a mix of Jaws, Lake Placid, and Steve Alten’s Deep Terror series. That being said, I’m all in! :)”
– David


“Awesomeness, I can’t wait to get this!”
– James Profitt


“I want more! Love it so much. Reminds me of the book called “Meg” and “Jurassic Park.”
– Eric Irizarry


“Wow is all that can be said about this upcoming novel.sure to follow in the footsteps of marine monster novels like Jaws, White Shark, Natural Selection and the Meg series! Max Hawthorne, you truly are the new face of marine terror!”
– James Williams


“After reading the sample chapters, I have to say that I am hooked. The story has a way of submersing you into the world that seems familiar but has become far more lethal. I think this book has great potential to be a literary masterpiece.”
– Lane Tull


“I’m so excited about your new book coming out. Ever since I was a kid I have been fascinated with prehistoric life. Most movies and books have focused primarily on land animals and forget about the amazing abundance of sea creatures which once roamed our seas. We need something fresh and new. This looks likes the ticket. Thanks! Gary Grzybek”
– Gary Grzybek


“The first two chapters of this novel already have me hooked and waiting for the rest to release later this month. An ancient predator able to wrench a diesel-hauled steel cable winch off of its fortified anchor on a large commercial fishing vessel just leaves one thing for the reader to imagine – It’s not a force to be reckoned with and will make you pay dearly if you get in its way.”
– Robert Triplett
“The first 2 chapter were great. Left me in suspense and wanting more. As a reader of Steve Alten, I believe I have found a new author to enjoy within this genre. I am so ready to read the rest of the book. If the rest of the book is as suspenseful as the preview I may have to pull an all-nighter to finish the entire thing. Excited and a must read on my list for 2014.”
– Tim Young


“I have been reading books about prehistoric sea creatures and monsters for many years. My favorite author so far has been Steve Alten and his Meg series. After reading the first two chapters of Kronos Rising I think I have found another author to add to my favorites collection. I love the way Max Hawthorne paints a vivid picture of the characters, atmosphere, and situations. He style of writing puts you right there on the deck facing down the monster. I can not wait till the release immerse myself.”
– Tim Shearer


“I love the first two chapters they are a wonderful sneak peak for this book I just know it’s going to be a book that I read over and over again. I haven’t read the whole book yet and I am already looking forwards to a sequel.”
– Aurora Rayn


“Hello, I loved the first 2 chapters and can not wait for the book to come out! I will be buying a couple copies, it was that awesome 🙂 Keep up the good work and I look forward to another book ( maybe a series and maybe a movie )”
– Melissa A. Warner


“I liked the unease which accompanied the creature’s presence and how the creature’s identity was kept under wraps. I also liked the attack on the boat. I cannot wait for more.”
– Pierre Guirguis


“From the slimy decks of an illegal fishing trawler to the young Sheriff in a small town,Kronos Rising has already set the stage for an adventurous fear-filled journey and we haven even met the “Bad Guy”, yet! I’m really excited for this book and look forward to being afraid of stepping foot in the water once again.”
– Howard Scrivens


“I absolutely love books like this one is promising to be. I have read the first two chapters and they are absolutely amazing I can not wait for the book I’m buying it the day it hits the shelves. This website is so awesome I’m looking forward to a lot of updates in the future.”
– Smith


“I am excited. I love marine novels ever since “Jaws” in 1974. Not since Steve Alten’s “Meg” series has a forthcoming book held my attention. I yearn to read the rest of your great novel. Your description of Fin collecting is realistically accurate. The reader is gripped from the opening sentence. There are many mysteries in the “Deep” of the Ocean and look forward to seeing what you have to discover next.”
– John M Schmitt


“I read the first 2 chapters and I was at the edge of my chair in complete anticipation and wonder of what the true identity of this prehistoric creature is. The suspense of it is overpowering me. I can’t wait til the book comes out in April!”
– Brooks Nelson


“This website about the book is amazing. I think the book will be good, too.”
– Ryan Mills-Manestar


“I just finished reading the first chapters, and I have to say I am a little angry I have to wait for the rest of the book. It has been some time since a book has grabbed my interest so quickly and completely. The character development is fantastic and the action is matched only by its ability to create suspense. The author is skilled at describing the language of boats and the ocean in a way that everyone feels like a veteran seafarer. I can’t wait for the rest of this modern day Moby Dick!”
– Steven Holke, Dean of English, LHS


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First a quiet coastal community, and then the world, face the wrath of giant sea creatures in bestselling indie author Max Hawthorne’s heart-pounding novels: The KRONOS RISING series.

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