Mara Corday The Pin-UpTHE PIN-UP

Hollywood screen legend Mara Corday’s long-awaited autobiography will be arriving soon in bookstores. A one-time Playboy centerfold best known for her “scream queen” roles in such 50’s B-movie classics as “Tarantula“, “The Black Scorpion“, and “The Giant Claw“, Ms. Corday was widely touted as the most photographed model of her day. Her upcoming autobiography, “The Pin-Up,” recounts her amazing journey through Tinseltown, and shines the spotlight on a side of Hollywood that few have ever seen. Click Here


FOSSIL SHACKfossil-shack

Fossil Shack is one of the world’s most trusted names in fossil sales.  Selling everything from trilobites to full dinosaurs, Fossil Shack has fossils to fit every desire and budget.  Our fossils are 100% authentic and priced low. Fossil Shack is also a strong supporter of the Natural Sciences and works closely with a number of universities, as well as a numerous museums. They have donated many scientifically significant pieces to local institutions for study, as well as adding to the instructional collections of a number of small colleges and many public schools. Click Here





Davide Bonadonna is an internationally-recognized illustrator and digital sculptor who specializes in paleo-art. The winner of an assortment of awards, including the prestigious Lanzendorf Paleo-Art Prize, Davide cooperates with paleontologists worldwide when reconstructing scientifically accurate models of prehistoric life and their settings. His works are displayed in museums, exhibits, and theme parks, and have been published in numerous scientific magazines, including National Geographic. His illustrations are currently featured in the Dinosaurs in the Flesh traveling exhibition. Click Here




PREHISTORIC TIMESPrehistoric Times Cover

Prehistoric Times is the magazine for dinosaur enthusiasts andcollectors of related merchandise. Each full color, 50+page issue includes reviews of the latest prehistoric animal model kits, toy figures, books and more, plus interviews with artists and scientists, artwork from the finest paleoartists in the world and the latest scientific discoveries in paleontology. Also news and information about prehistoric life you won’t find anywhere else. Click Here





Prehistoric Planet is like a museum where you can purchase every exhibit! From T-Rex teeth to life-size dinosaur skeletons, Prehistoric Planet has the largest collection of replica fossils on the web — over 1,000 specimens and counting. Start your collection for as little as $10.00! Click Here




Planet Dinosour


The BBC’s Planet Dinosaur Series presents Pliosaurus funkei, AKA Predator X, a 15-meter, 45-ton macropliosaur, and one of the largest and most terrifying marine predators of all time. Click Here






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The Mesozoic Era was the age of the reptiles. Dinosaurs dominated the land, pterosaurs patrolled the sky, and a spectacular variety of aquatic reptiles ruled the ocean. These extinct prehistoric marine reptiles came in all sorts of shapes and sizes but perhaps the most bizarre were the plesiosaurs. This website is dedicated to them and their close relatives. Click Here




Alberto Gennari is a professional illustrator, sculptor and comic books draftsman. He specializes in natural history scenes, prehistoric animals, and science fiction. Alberto is the curator and designer of exhibitions for many natural history museums. He restores fossil discoveries, makes casts of fossils, dioramas and models, paintings for scientific restorations of flora and fauna in museum collections, as well as illustrations for scientific and educational publications. Click Here